Most of us love holiday makeup, but pulling off a sophisticated, festive look can become a bit of a challenge as we, ahem, mature. How much glitter is too much glitter? Is it too over-the-top to rock a glossy red lip? I can help. Here are eight holiday makeup trends that look marvelous on women over 40.

1. Glowing Skin Exfoliate well & use a foundation that hydrates and evens skin tone. Think glowing, not matte (which can make skin you look dry and cakey).

2. Smoky Eyes Everyone looks good with a smoky eye. Just remember that creamy shadows are more forgiving than their powder-based counterparts. Powder shadows tend to show every line and crease. Creamy shadows will look like you’re traveling with a lighting crew.

3. Glitter Outside of a child’s craft corner, glitter is best reserved for very special occasions. The holidays are one such instance. Adding some subtle sparkle to your eyes can be fun and festive, but remember that a little bit goes a long way. Use it sparingly. I suggest applying a small amount along the lash line. Then apply at least two coats of mascara so just a hint of glitter shows through.

4. Metallic Eyeshadow Colors ‘Tis the season to get festive, and metallic eyeshadow shades are a great way to make an instant impact. Apply the metallic hue toward the center of the eye (like a spotlight), then surround it with darker hues. It’s kind of like framing a sequined top with a black blazer, which draws attention to the sparkle in a subtle, sophisticated way.

5. Red Lips A red lip is a sure-fire way to grab instant attention. Make sure you line and fill in the entire lip with a great liner to keep it from feathering. If you have any lines around your mouth, fill them in with concealer first. Next, apply the liner. Then add two coats of a red lipstick with a creamy base — the moist, dewy texture helps the mouth look supple.

6. Shiny Lipgloss Lipgloss can be worn at any age. Using glosses the same shade as your own lip color is always incredibly alluring. And here’s a great insider beauty trick: After putting on lipstick, apply a dab of clear gloss right at the center of your lips, then blot. This can both lock in moisture and add another dimension of color to your pout. 7. Cat Eye We’re always in support of winged eyeliner if it’s applied properly. Start by drawing your line with pencil. Next, use a liquid liner to draw small dots along your lash line. Steady your elbow on a solid surface and connect your dots, tracing over the pencil line.

8. Wine-hued Lips A deep purple shade looks great on almost anyone. Just remember the basic rules for creating a bold-colored lip. You can also use this trick to lessen the dark impact: Add a dot of a highlighting shadow at the cupid’s bow of your lip. It’s like a tiny spotlight that draws subtle attention to your sultry pout. What look will you be trying for your holiday parties this season?

I hope these tips will help!

Happy Holidays! Christy